Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Welcome to the Pseudonym Exchange!

You know the feeling.  You started blogging under a pseudonym so that you could project a certain persona.  You spent hours lovingly constructing your pseudonymous identity, leaving comments at your pseudonymous friends' blogs, writing posts that gave insights into your pseudonymous identity's thoughts and feelings.  It's not that you don't love your pseudonym. 

But sometimes you want to write about something that your pseudonym just can't accommodate.  And you don't want to go to the trouble of constructing a brand new pseudonym, and so you suffer in silence.

Suffer no more, bloggy peeps!  You've come to the right place!

The Pseudonym Exchange will allow you to try on a new pseudonym for a day, a week - heck, maybe even forever!  Play fast and loose with your internet persona!  Take a walk on the wild side!

Coming soon: Application information; terms of participation; and who knows what else!


  1. Oh, I totally want in on this, although we'll need to make sure it isn't used for writing about other bloggers...that would be grounds for expulsion from the exchange (although, given that the instability of language must extend to naming, and therefore, to pseudonymity, then of course, there is no outside of the pseudonym exchange.

  2. [T]here is no outside of the pseudonym exchange.

    Ah, well, it didn't take us long to stumble into the vortex of meta-ness, now did it? Welcome to the Exchange, Horace! Who would you like to be today?

  3. I love this so much--and the examples to date are awesome.

    Not sure I myself can adequately channel anyone else, though (this was the problem back when I thought I was a fiction writer: all my characters sounded the same, i.e., like me).

    But I'll think on it!

    Think think think think think.

  4. This is so funny. I wish I had the energy to participate. As it is, I can see I will enjoy.